To install crowdastro and dependencies, you need Python 3.4 or greater. crowdastro can be installed through pip:

pip3 install crowdastro


Install and run MongoDB. On Mac OS X or Linux, you can run MongoDB as follows:

mongod --config /usr/local/etc/mongod.conf --fork

On Windows:

K:\MongoDB\Server\3.2\bin\mongod.exe --dbpath J:\data\mongodb


You need the following data files:

  • ATLASDR3_cmpcat_23July2015.dat.gz
  • cdfs_11JAN2014_2x2_5x5.tgz
  • radio_galaxy_zoo_2016-08-28.tar.gz
  • RGZ-ATLAS-Bookkeeping.csv
  • SWIRE3_CDFS_cat_IRAC24_21Dec05.tbl.gz or an AllWISE catalogue covering the CDFS field
  • norris_2006_atlas_classifications.dat (Table 6 from Norris et al. (2006))
  • wise_allwise.wise_allwise_p3as_psd4511.tbl
  • fan_2015_swire_only.csv
  • CDFSmosaic_allch_8March2015.fits

These files are currently not easily available. In the future, we will add download links.

The following steps assume the files are in the project root. If this isn't the case, modify paths in,, and crowdastro/crowdastro.json.

From the project root, run If this doesn't work, extract radio_galaxy_zoo_2016-08-28.tar.gz, SWIRE3_CDFS_cat_IRAC24_21Dec05.tbl.gz, and ATLASDR3_cmpcat_23July2015.dat.gz to data/, and cdfs_11JAN2014_2x2_5x5.tgz to data/cdfs. Copy RGZ-ATLAS-Bookkeeping.csv and any other files to data/. These paths can all be modified in crowdastro.json in the root directory.

Run to import the files into the radio MongoDB database. You will now be able to access the collections radio.radio_classifications, radio.radio_groups, and radio.radio_subjects.

Note that crowdastro.json assumes the existence of a data/ directory in the current working directory.